Common problems

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  • Professional technology
  • Good faith service
Common problems
Common failures and solutions

Common faults

The fault phenomenon



Power on/off
  • Power on, no display

Battery no power or AC power is not plugged in

1. Connect AC power, or check AC power whether plugged in

  • Terminal auto-power off

When there is no external power, in order to save power program setting that is set sometime(about 30minutes), power off if no press any key

1. Reboot is ok


  • Prompt: telephone cable do not plug in or telephone cable is occupied

telephone cable do not plug in, or telephone No. do not set correct

1. Check telephone cable whether connect well with telephone port right the base, or check dialing No. or exterior line whether correct

  • Always receive time out

Probably 2 reason, one is Infrared reception is not good, second is telephone signal is too weak, or MODEM have problems

1. The test is on the base of the credit card, not the credit card indicates the infrared problem.?

2. Switch to a new base.

Print issues

  • Print no display

Heat sensitive paper is placed in reverse

1. Place thermal printer according to manual

  • Print is too weak

Generally normal, if the customer is very strong, use slow printing

1. In the supervisor setting, set up the speed of printing, which can be divided fast, medium speed, slow speed three, the slower the stronger.

  • Print receipt missing row

The gear of a thermal printer is defective

1. Replacement HW