JHL TEAM BUILDING | Let's enjoy nice weekend outside!



Temperature more and more high,

Most ideal place must be with,

Blue sky, White cloud, Green hill, Clear water, around the sea with sweet wind...

Never afraid of hot weather, JHL team enjoy fantastic travel!

Just feel, JHL's high-end spirit

With strong unity, team spirit

JHL team is devided into 2 groups, on the process of PK, everyone plays important role in the group, with one dream, go ahead with strong team spirit!

Open-minded, win-win relationship 

JHL team is open-minded, always impress much importance on conversation with other company, exchange mind with each other, open-minded, study more and become more stronger all together!

Young and keep fighting

Enjoy relaxed time once out of work, sing a song, talk with friends, campfire party, good mood...

JHL team, active and energetic, never afraid of chanllege, always young and powerful!

Travelling * interesting points

Look, everyone is so happy!

Listen, much enough confidence when face with chanllenge.

Never forget to take photo to memory good travelling...

Kinds of poses around with the sea...

JHL, always on the road 

JHL, on the road all the time, open-minded, young, energetic and kepp fighting!

Please look forward to much more wonderful events from JHL.

· end ·